How it Works

We want the best for your cherished memories. That is why we put the utmost care into handling and scanning your photos.

We’re all about a personal touch.
We offer a personalized, fast, door to door photo scanning service in San Diego County. There is no need to sort through or box up and mail your photos. You don’t need to ship your photos to a big warehouse in another state or country as many other scanning services ask you to do.

We do all the hard work for you, with a personal touch! Just gather your photos and call or email us for pick up. We will bring a box to your home and even help you categorize your photos by date and/or event if needed.

We convert your photos to DVDs in our San Diego office within one week (rush orders available) and return your original photos along with your new DVDs.

How do we do that part?

How we go from retro to techno:
Before we do anything digital with your photos, we meticulously clean your original photos or negatives using compressed air and professional grade photo cleaner if needed. We take care during this process to maintain and restore the integrity of the original photos, which aids in getting the best-quality scan of the photos.

We then use professional quality flatbed scanners and hand-scan your photos at a high resolution of 600 dots per inch (dpi). A higher dpi will produce better quality copies.

We then make use of our expertise in digital photo restoration. We use Kodak digital image correction and enhancement (ICE) to:

  • remove dust and scratches,
  • perform color correction,
  • crop, rotate, and remove red-eye…

…all to enhance and restore the digital product we return to you.

We then organize your photos into digital folders, all at no extra charge.