Here’s all the questions you might have about SD Scan and Share, all in one place!

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  1. What's the best way to contact you?
    You can head over to our Contact page, or give us a call at 619-662-1009.
  2. Do you convert slides, film, VHS, etc.?
    Right now we currently focus on film, but we are planning on expanding what we do, and other services will be coming soon!
  3. How do you clean and process my photos?
    This involves a few steps. Before we even start with the digital technology, we begin by meticulously cleaning your original photos or negatives using compressed air and professional grade photo cleaner. We take care during this process to maintain and restore the integrity of the original photos, which aids in getting the best-quality scan of the photos.

    We then make use of our expertise in digital photo restoration. We use digital image correction and enhancement (ICE) to automatically clean dust and scratches, along with color correction, crop, rotate, to enhance and restore the digital product we return to you.

  4. I don't live in San Diego, can I mail you my photos?
    Because of our dedication to giving a personal touch, we are currently only serving San Diego County.
  5. When will I get my DVDs?
    We will have your DVDs and original photos back to you within one week, in most cases. Rush orders are available.
  6. Is there a minimum or maximum number of photos you handle?
    No; we can take as few or as many as you need. Larger orders may take longer than one week to process.
  7. What type of payment do you accept?
    We accept all major credit cards, checks and cash.