Autism Awareness

SD Scan and Share was created out of a desire to help you digitally restore and save your cherished keepsakes, along with a need to provide worthwhile job opportunities for young adults living with autism.

A Personal Connection with Autism

After graduating college, SD Scan and Share cofounder Anthony discovered that there were very few meaningful job opportunities for him, so we decided to create one!

Autism affects 1 in 88 children (1 in 52 boys). Autism Spectrum Disorders range from mild to severe. These children can grow up with limited opportunities.

Young adults on the autism spectrum often face challenges when making the transition from high school to adulthood and may find few employment opportunities.

According to, only 32.5% of young adults with autism spectrum disorders currently work for pay.

Fortunately, autism awareness is growing and the services are expanding to include support for young adults. San Diego Scan and Share hopes to be one of those resources. With your business, we will grow and be able to provide more opportunities for young adults with autism.

Resources for More Information

For more information on autism, and to see other ways to help, follow these links to some helpful autism resources:

To learn more about Anthony’s experiences living on the autism spectrum, visit his blog, Lesson Plan For Life.

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